At 2 Mile Surf Shop you'll find a wide range of wetsuits from the biggest brands in the surf industry: XCEL, O'Neill, Rip Curl, Matuse and Quiksilver..

We sell entry level wetsuits that will keep you warm with prices starting at $180 all the way up to the most sophisticated and technical suits with prices over $450. All of our wetsuits are of high quality and can be used in Northern California year round. So whether you're a beginner surfer buying your first suit or a seasoned veteran looking for the best wetsuit made, we'll have the right choice for you. We also can special order any suit you might want if we don't stock it.

All of the wetsuits we have in stock are 4/3 mm or 5/4 mm which is the standard thickness needed in Northern California. These are measurements of the thickness of the neoprene rubber. Typically, a wetsuit is 4 mm in the chest and torso, and 3 mm in the arms and legs. This makes the suit easer to paddle and maneuver. 5/4 mm wetsuits will typically come with an attached hood and will keep you even warmer.

The neoprene is covered with nylon and elastic cloth. The more elastic and less nylon, the more flexible the suit will be. A more flexible suit is made smaller, but will fit better; as you use the suit, it will stretch to fit your body's contours. Most suits have smooth skin on the chest and back. Smooth skin is neoprene rubber with only one layer of nylon that is on the inside. The outside is a smooth surface that blocks wind and repels water.

If there is one thing that sets wetsuits apart from one another, it's the seaming. All of our wetsuits are made with glued and blind-stitched seams. These seams are the very best and are the only type you should buy for surfing in Northern California. Glued and blind- stitched seams are sealed and won't let water pass through your suit. Some of the suits we offer have taped seams. A layer of liquid rubber or nylon tape is placed over the seams on the inside of your suit. Taped seams don't let water in and can be more comfortable because they're smooth.