We have a wide range of surfboard rentals for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers. Highly recommended for kids and beginners are foam boards which offer stability and easy handling. For more experienced surfers, epoxy boards are offered. To keep everyone happy and entertained we also rent boogie boards.

  "Surf Session" Rate
(3 Hours)
Full Day Rate
Wetsuit $20 $25
Boots / Swim Fins $5 $5
Hoods $5 $5
Surfboards $30 $40
Boogie Boards $10 $15
Surf Lesson rental package $40 $50

Full day rentals are for the entire day and can be picked up when the surf shop opens and must be returned at least ½ hour before it closes unless being kept overnight for 24 hours.

"Surf Session" rates are for 3 hours from the time of pick up and can be used for an adequate surf session.


All of our wetsuits are 4/3 mm suits from XCEL and will keep you warm year round. We also rent 3 mm booties, gloves and hoods. We replace our rental fleet every spring and fall so you're guaranteed to rent equipment in good condition. We have over 100 suits in our rental inventory for Men, Women and Youths of all sizes.


For beginners and kids, we have foam boards from 7' to 10'. These boards are solid foam, like a big boogie board. They're not only the safest boards available, but they're also very thick and wide, so it's easy to catch your first wave. Foam boards are stable and work to teach you the basics of surfing.

If you're already standing up on most of your waves and are trying to maneuver, then it’s time to take out one of our Epoxy boards. All of our Epoxy rentals are from quality manufacturers so you will be sure to find a board to your liking. These boards are specifically chosen for the waves and conditions of Bolinas, making them the right choice for a surfer at any level.

Renting an Epoxy board is a great opportunity to try different lengths and styles before you buy your own. We have Epoxy boards available to rent in sizes and shapes ranging from: 5' 8" up to 10'. If you do decide to buy, keep in mind that our rental boards and suits are always for sale.